Transformation of Villa Rodesteijn

Located on the Mollaan, in the middle of Bloemendaal’s Duin en Daal, lies Villa Rodesteijn. This beautiful villa from 1901 is a municipal monument and has been transformed into six luxurious apartments. The historical elements that give the building its charm have been preserved and, where necessary, carefully restored. Past, present and future find each other in this beautiful location, surrounded by the trees that have seen many generations come and go.

A true transformation
After having served as an office villa for many years, Villa Rodesteijn was given back its original residential purpose. The leading architectural firm Kentie & Partners Architekten designed the transformation from offices to comfortable apartments. With an eye for the existing details, they designed six elegant apartments. For this, the interior of the villa underwent a true metamorphosis.

To create a suitable home in the basement, the floor was opened up and a large area was excavated. This was done to increase the height. A section of the garden was also excavated to create a ground-floor terrace for the basement residence.

Many of the characteristic features of Villa Rodesteijn have been retained, such as the large windows, the Jugendstil features in the facades and the unique roof construction in the penthouse. During the transformation from office villa to apartments, all the modern living requirements were of course taken into account. For example, the apartments are accessible by lift and an underground car park has been built without detracting from the original beauty of the building. During the construction work, the old beech trees, which are part of Villa Rodesteijn, were spared.

Unique residency
The result of all these efforts are six unique apartments, which bring back life to Villa Rodesteijn. Each apartment occupies one level, including the basement and penthouse.

The apartments are equipped with all modern living comforts and have a beautiful view with plenty of daylight. The villa is surrounded by a lush garden and a wooded area. Villa Rodesteijn is once again a place to enjoy life.


Mollaan 1
2061 CR Bloemendaal


Transformation from office to comfortable and elegant apartments.


Only 1 apartment available.


Kentie en Partners Architekten (architect)

Villa Rodesteijn was designed in 1901 by architect J. Wolbers, in a Dutch variant of Jugendstil and displays influences from the Neo-Renaissance, among others.

The then seven-year-old daughter of the original residents placed a symbolic foundation stone that can be seen next to the terrace doors. Villa Rodesteijn is characterised by careful detailing and a well-thought-out interplay of lines. The house is iconic for the immediate surroundings and is a municipal monument.

For many years, Villa Rodesteijn served the purpose for which Wolbers designed it: a fine and, above all, spacious house where it is more than pleasant to live. Nevertheless, the villa fell into disrepair at the end of the 1970s. When Cobraspen Group bought the property in the 1980s, the once so stately building was in poor condition. After extensive restoration work, the villa was given a new life as an office building. Employees of Koninklijke Hoogovens were the permanent ‘residents’ of Villa Rodesteijn for ten years.

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