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The Pavilion: a mix of old and new

A mixture of new construction and the redevelopment of existing buildings go hand in hand at the development site SugarCity. The Pavilion will be a transitional building, which brings these two developments together. Centrally located on  the Boulevard, the Pavilion will be the place where future and history meet.

New construction
The Boulevard is centrally located on the SugarCity development site. Here you will find various buildings, each with its own characteristics and function. The Pavilion will be prominently placed; next to the eye-catching SugarSilo’s and the entrance to the stylish Amsterdam The Style Outlets.

The Pavilion will be a transitional building that connects the new construction and the industrial, authentic construction on the Boulevard. The new building fits in with the look and feel of the original nineteenth-century style of the former sugar factory. The Pavilion will consist of three with a saddleback roof. This structure will be realised in brownish red bricks with anthracite-coloured steel frames. The bricked-up façade, characteristic trusses and arched windows give the building its industrial character. The roof surfaces will be completely covered with solar panels for a sustainable climate.

The Pavilion will be a combination of catering facilities and business spaces. The catering facility will be located on the ground floor and cover approximately 650 m2 of surface area. The business spaces will be located on the upper floors and will cover approximately 1,490 m2 of floor space. This is where business and leisure come together.


SugarCity, Halfweg


Hospitality & Business spaces


Transitional building where future and history meet.

Location of the Pavilion