‘Op Dreeff’ restored

Just outside the lively centre of Haarlem, with a view of the Frederiksprak, lies Op Dreeff. Four linked monumental town houses. The property was originally built for the wealthy of that period and was designed by the well-known Haarlem architect A. van der Steur jr.

Lost glory
In cooperation with Kentie & Partners Architeken, Cobraspen Group realised the design for the transformation of Op Dreeff.

This project received a lot of time and love to restore the – now dilapidated – property in all its glory. At first glance, little maintained of its original charm and grandeur. Beautifully ornamented ceilings were hidden away behind suspended ceilings. Pendant fluorescent lights had perforated the original ceiling. The late 19th-century class had given way for a 1970s office environment. Time to turn the tide by restoring Op Dreeff and thus the work of architect A. van der Steur jr.

A sophisticated renovation
For the renovation of a property like Op Dreeff, time, care, and attention are invaluable. Fundamental to the extensive renovation is that Op Dreeff is restored to its former glory. During the renovation, beautifully ornamented ceilings are unveiled. Moulds were made of these original ornaments to repair the damaged ones.

In many places, the past and present are thus combined in a sophisticated way. A fine example of this are the stairwells in which elevators have been installed without interfering with the monumental value.

Therefore, we are proud of the result; luxurious apartments where past charm meets modern comfort, on one of the most beautiful locations in Haarlem.


Dreef 24 – 30
2012 HS Haarlem


Transformation to luxury apartments.

Property status

All apartments are sold.


Kentie & Partners Architekten (architect)
Bakker Arkel BV (contractor)

The four town houses were designed in 1880 by the renowned Haarlem architect A. van der Steur jr. and were part of the 1873 design for the Hazepetersveld by L.P. Zocher, also from Haarlem. Van der Steur jr. was the executive architect of the new building of Teylers Museum and the restoration architect of the Great or St. Bavo Church in Haarlem.

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Location of ‘Op Dreeff’