Renovation of De Vestingh

With love and attention, Cobraspen Group worked on the renovation of Kenaupark 21. The knowledge, experience and skill of the parties involved ensured that the character of the elegant town house ‘De Vestingh’ was restored to its historic grandeur. The result: five beautiful, luxurious apartments with a high level of convenience and modern comfort. The renovation has added a new chapter to the history of Kenaupark 21.

Renovating with care, love, and respect
Renovating a monumental building like De Vestingh is done with respect, care, and love. The main focus during the restoration of Kenaupark 21 was to preserve and restore all the characteristic elements of the building, both in the layout and the interior design. Kentie & Partners Architekten is a versatile architectural studio where the monumental and historical value runs as a thread through the years of cooperation with Cobraspen. That is why this assignment was entrusted to them. 

All ornamental ceilings have been restored, the (sliding) doors have been brought back to their former glory and the original fireplaces have been preserved. The interior finishing of the residences have been matched – with an incredible eye for detail – to the ambiance of the monumental building. At the same time, the building has been provided with high-quality insulation and the best lighting plan has been prepared for each apartment. Residents are immersed in the style of past times, while enjoying all the comforts of today.

When renovating a property in the class of De Vestingh, the present possibilities in terms of technology are of course taken into account. Apart from being equipped with a video intercom, the apartments are also prepared for a home automation system. This gives the residents the opportunity to set up the house in a fully ‘smart’ way.

The classic black-and-white bathroom with metro tiles was the perfect inspiration for the design of the bathrooms in the monumental building. Cobraspen commissioned DAB Studio, an Amsterdam-based interior design studio specialised and passionate about designing luxurious interiors, to design the bathrooms.

The bathrooms are timeless and classic, with a stylish touch of the here and now. Innovative elements in the design are the raised floorboards and the sleek steel shower doors with smoked glass, combined with modern lighting. The choice of materials used in the bathrooms demonstrates the attention both Cobraspen and DAB Studio pay to craftsmanship and detail.


Kenaupark 21
2011 MR, Haarlem


Renovation and restoration of a monumental property into luxury residencies.


All properties are sold.


Kentie & Partners Architekten (architect)
DAB Studio (interior design)

De Vestingh is a beautiful 19th-century monumental building, located at the stately Kenaupark in Haarlem. These types of buildings are characteristic for a city and its culture. Kenaupark 21 also has its own story to tell, both about the origin of the city park and about the namesake of the park, Kenau Simonsdochter Hasselaer.

The Kenaupark, a city park with thirteen villas and nine symmetrical, linked town houses, was built between 1866 and 1868 as part of the bulwark of the defences of the old city of Haarlem. Architect G.W. Breuker designed the houses, while Haarlem architect, urban planner and landscape architect J.D. Zocher designed the park.

The mansions and villas were built for wealthy Haarlem families. Before most of the buildings were given a different purpose, they had noblemen and important mayors as residents.

The park is named after entrepreneur Kenau Simonsdochter Hasselaer (1526-1588/1589). After her husband’s death, Kenau continued both his shipyard and his timber trade.

After Haarlem decided to support William of Orange in the Eighty Years’ War, the Spanish Duke of Alva sent an army to the city. Haarlem was besieged for seven months.

During this siege, the city walls were damaged by Spanish cannon fire. Like many inhabitants of Haarlem, Kenau helped to repair and defend these city walls. She is said to have actively fought the Spaniards from the ramparts with so-called tar wreaths – burning straw and boiling pitch. Although the Spaniards never mentioned female resistance, there were even stories that Kenau commanded an army of 300 women. This is how the image of Kenau came into being as the image of the resistance fighter.

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