Redevelopment ‘De Vestingh’

De Vestingh is a building with a story, a soul. The stately mansion with monumental value was transformed by Cobraspen Group into five luxury apartments. The character of the building has been devotedly restored to the time it was enjoyed by Haarlem’s nobility and dignitaries, with all the comforts of modern times.

Mansion with monument status
Cobraspen Group converted this stately mansion into five luxury homes. While preserving and restoring all the beauty that makes De Vestingh so characteristic, the homes were restored where necessary. Each home has its own unique characteristics.

With an incredible eye for detail, the upholstery and finishing of the houses are in line with the atmosphere of the monumental building. This makes residents feel like they live in the past, while enjoying all the comforts of modern time.

The unobstructed view of the green park and the short walking distance to the historical heart of Haarlem make this residential location unique. Practically all places of interest and a nice mix of shops and boutiques can be reached within just 15 minutes.

History lives on
The Kenaupark, a city park with thirteen villas and nine symmetrical, linked mansions, was built between 1866 and 1868 as part of the bulwark of the defenses of the old city of Haarlem. Architect G.W. Breuker designed the houses, while Haarlem architect, urban planner and landscape architect J.D. Zocher designed the park, the garden and the public plantation.

The mansions and villas were built for Haarlem families of distinction. They had noblemen and important mayors as residents. Kenaupark 21 is part of the row of nine linked mansions and is listed in the Haarlem monument register. Now still, history lives on in the Kenaupark. 


Kenaupark 21, Haarlem.


Redevelopment stately mansion


Monumental mansion with a history

Kenaupark 21

De Vestingh


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De Vestingh