Transformation ‘Bloomingdale’

As project developer, Cobraspen Group was asked to realise the transformation of the PEN building. The metamorphosis of an office building into a leading and exclusive residential destination requires a special approach.

The transformation
Without detracting from the special atmosphere of the PEN building, the former office building was transformed by Cobraspen into a residential complex. This unique building has a powerful ambience and contains architectural highlights that bring unprecedented possibilities. Many existing style elements were therefore retained during the renovation.

Space was easily made available for 50 apartments with spacious lounges, large living kitchens and sometimes even several bathrooms. In addition, the shape of the building lent itself particularly well to the creation of six entrances, with as many lifts, thus limiting the number of apartments per entrance and guaranteeing privacy.

Within the new Bloomingdale, one flat is reserved for the caretaker. The caretaker is responsible for the daily management of the complex. He or she advises and assists the residents and supports the Owners’ Association in implementing decisions taken.

The building also has its own Health-Club. This place offers residents the opportunity to fully relax without having to leave the building.

Bureau Mien Ruys was also called in to draw up a new garden plan for the former business garden. The garden was given a metamorphosis into a park that fits the new destination.

Provincial Electricity Company North Holland
The history of Bloomingdale goes back to the 30s. In 1932, architect. H.T. Zwiers was commissioned to design the headquarters for the Provincial Electricity Company of North Holland (PEN). Zwiers designed the building with a great sense of aesthetics, both internally and externally, in the style of the ‘New Building’. That aesthetic is immediately noticeable at the sight of the façade, which is entirely symmetrical, including the free-standing buildings to the left and right of the façade. Another characteristic feature is the generous proportions; the ceilings are high and the main entrance imposing. The building has a sturdy character while sufficient space has been created for detail.

The building was officially opened on 5 October 1935. In the first five years, a series of minor adjustments followed. After this, the PEN building remained unchanged for over 64 years. In the 1980s, the Provincial Executive was reorganised and a new central headquarters was chosen in Alkmaar.

In 1999, the building was subsequently designated a National Monument and in 2001 the building permit was issued for a residential use.


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Transformation from office to residential destination.


Bloomingdale has its own in house Health-club.




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