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Transformation of the Gatehouse

For decades, the Gatehouse was used as distribution centre. Currently, the building is being fully renovated and transformed into a dynamic working environment with catering facilities. The Gatehouse will be the ideal environment for creative companies. 

The transformation
What used to be a distribution centre for the former sugar factory, is now being transformed into a dynamic working environment with catering facilities. Sustainability and authenticity are the main focus during the renovation of the Gatehouse. Thanks to the use and re-use of original materials, the building maintains its characteristic appearance. This makes the Gatehouse ideal as a creative working environment with a unique look and feel.

All spaces inside the building are provided and isolated with new HR++ glass. Preparations for a sustainable climate system, underfloor heating and electricity have been made. With these facilities, the Gatehouse offers business spaces with a sustainable character which provide comfort for the long term.


Haarlemmerstraatweg 13C.
1165 MJ Halfweg.


Transformation of the factory space into sustainable business premises with catering facilities.


Common Affairs (architect)
BBN (management)
Nelissen (installation/acoustics/fire consultant)
Bouwgroep Horsman & Co (contracter)

From 1863 until its closure in 1992, this was the site of the sugar factory. Here, sugar beets were processed into sugar and then distributed. The Gatehouse was used as a distribution centre. A strategic location; at the gate, the (freight) vans could be loaded quickly. The management office was located on the second floor, where they could oversee the site. On the third floor, the sugar factory employees could enjoy their lunch in the canteen formerly occupying this space.

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Location of the Gatehouse