Redevelopment ‘Plaza West’

The former PTT Expedition Centre was purchased by Cobraspen in 1995. It was decided not to demolish the building, but to redevelop it into a new shopping area. It took more than 18 years to change the zoning plan of the old postal sorting office into a zoning plan that revolves around retail, residential and social purposes.

From postal sorting centre to shopping centre
The former PTT Expedition Centre on the Westergracht in Haarlem was completely redeveloped by Cobraspen. A new shopping centre has been built under the name Plaza West and new housing and recreational facilities will follow.

On 6 November 2013, the first shops opened their doors: Albert Heijn, Etos and Gall&Gall. Since this opening, Plaza West has been taking shape. A children’s play paradise has been developed and added on the first floor, where also a gym is located.

In 2016 Cobraspen sold Plaza West to the construction consortium Plaza West Haarlem BV. The location has a total development capacity of 80,000 m2, of which 25,000 m2 was filled with the shopping centre in 2016. At the time of purchase, the buyer’s objective was to use the remaining 50,000 m2 for the realisation of new housing.

Jewel in Haarlem
Luigi Prins, managing director of Cobraspen Group, calls the area a jewel in Haarlem: “Where others would demolish this unique building, we were able to preserve it and give it a new life. We have been working on the redevelopment of this area for over 20 years and are proud of this redevelopment and creativity. It has resulted in the most successful shopping centre in Haarlem, especially in with the perspective of the 300 more homes to be built at this location.”


Westergracht, Haarlem


Redevelopment of the former PTT Expedition Centre.


A place where retail, living and recreation come together.


Plaza West


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Plaza West