Swans of Zwanenburg Castle crowned after restoration

Swans of Zwanenburg Castle crowned after restoration

Zwanenburg Castle, the old ‘Gemeenlandshuis’ of Halfweg, was festively ‘reopened’ on 23 December after a thorough restoration of its facade by Cobraspen Groep.

Since 2000, Cobraspen Group has been developing the SugarCity area, preserving, restoring and/or reusing as much cultural heritage as possible. In recent months, it was the ‘Castle’s’ turn for maintenance. The facade and ornaments were restored to their former glory.

The two swans that adorn the Castle were also restored and painted, like the rest of the facade. Councillor Marja Ruigrok and Luigi Prins placed the crown back on one of the swans to symbolically celebrate the reopening.

Zwanenburg Castle is a symbol of cultural heritage in the municipality of Haarlemmermeer. It was built between 1645 and 1648 to the design of the famous architect Pieter Post and enjoys the status of ‘National Monument’ nowadays.

Members of the heritage committee and various foundations with a link to the area were present during the ceremony. In 2023, the Castle has stood proudly in Halfweg for 375 years and, with this restoration, is ready for the future again. A remarkable milestone in the history of this area.

Photography: Peter Vreeswijk