Great year development residential housing

The Bouwend Haarlem meeting took place on 29 February. During this meeting, Alderman Jan Nieuwenburg presented the annual figures relating to housing in Haarlem. 2007 was a great year with a delivery of 930 new homes, in 2006 there were 328, in 2005 670.

Nevertheless, the goal of delivering five thousand new homes over the period 2005-2009 has not been realized. The estimate is that the counter will stick to 4600. According to Alderman Nieuwenburg, this is due to delays in major projects such as in Delftwijk, the Slachthuisbuurt and the 023-strip of Schalkwijk. The delays are often caused by spatial planning procedures and the large number of building requests. However, the municipality has meanwhile appointed a house construction director who is trying to speed up the implementation of the building plans. Present Luigi Prins, director of Cobraspen Real Estate advised the corporation or developer who submits a building plan to provide a staff member to handle the application quickly. This proposal was warmly received.