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We love the past, adore the future…

The Cobraspen Group is a real estate and concept developer active in the Netherlands, in the Amsterdam and Haarlem region. In (re-) developments we always add the value of history, that is in the DNA of the Cobraspen Group. We are stimulated by the opportunities we see for the future, that give new life to a location or area. With creative thinking and a strong visionary view we realise concepts and projects with a team of specialists. In addition, years of experience in (re-)development has led to the creation of our own successful concepts of which we are proud.

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Dreef Haarlem Concept
Dreef concept

We create value with history

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Saving the spire was the start of Cobraspen

Over 30 years ago, Dutch entrepreneur Luigi Prins, saw that the Spaarnekerk (Spaarne church) in Haarlem, Netherlands was being demolished. He went straight to the demolition site, bought the spire and saved it from demolition. The saving of the spire heralded the start of the Cobraspen company.

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