Realisation ‘De Heerlijckheid’

Cobraspen Group built a small-scale apartment complex at Drenthelaan in Heemstede. The complex was given the evocative name of ‘De Heerlijckheid’, as an ode to the village’s fascinating past. 

Ideal home
The Heerlijckheid apartment complex in Heemstede consists of six apartments spread over three floors. The homes are light, modern, nicely finished and ready to move into. A pleasant thing about the apartments is that they each have two private balconies. This way, you always have room to create a nice outdoor space.

With the ideal location, between nature and the village centre, the apartments are ideal for starters, senior citizens or singles. This way you live in the best of both worlds, which makes De Heerlijckheid a small-scale residential complex with great living comfort.

An ode to the past
The name ‘De Heerlijckheid’ is an ode to the fascinating past and the origins of Heemstede. A ‘heerlijkheid’ was the territory of a lord to which certain ‘lordly rights’ were attached. When Haarlem received city rights in 1245 and was demarcated, the need to name the surrounding areas grew. The Counts of Holland, William II and his son Floris V, had the noble task of transforming the villages outside Haarlem into separate districts. These new districts were governed by aldermen or pledged to feudal lords.

Thus, Heemstede was pledged to a nobleman from Holy. His name was Reinier van Holy, who would later call himself ‘Van Heemstede’. Between 1284 and 1300, he built the Heemstede Castle on the Spaarne. The castle was destroyed several times, until in 1810 it was so weak that it was truly demolished. The medieval foundations now house an estate called ‘Het Oude Slot’.


Drenthelaan, Heemstede.


Realisation of a small apartment complex.


Centrally located, near the greenery. Living in the best of both worlds.

Drenthelaan 8

De Heerlijckheid


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Location of De Heerlijckheid