Clearwater heritage parc (Reinwaterpark)

Clearwaterparc (Reinwaterpark) is an area near Haarlem. Originally the city of Haarlem bought this area in 1897 as a site for filtered and pumping drinking water. The dunes in that area function as natural water filtration. Although dunes are still used for this, this site has been out of business for many years. It is located in the midst of natural conservation areas and at the same time it is a heritage location because of the structural elements and some monumental buildings. The area is also located directly next to the monumental and historical Watertower. Over the years Cobraspen acquired this area for a historically and naturally respectful redevelopment. Cobraspen developed a plan to realise future living in a historical and natural environment. The plan is based on the original building structure of the pumping site and makes the history visible and noticeable. The monuments of the site are being preserved. They will get new public functions and the new private houses are built following the historical structure of the former buildings. After careful planning and consultations the municipality agreed to the redevelopment of the area according to the plans submitted by Cobraspen. Great ideas that serve the future and honour history deserve to be realised. Cobrapsen makes this happen. We love the past and adore the future.


Overveen, Amsterdam region (The Netherlands).


Sparkling modern living at former water extraction area.


Monumental buildings.

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