Area Development


We do area development

Cobraspen is active in area developments. Here we are also inspired and challenged by monumental and historical contexts. SugarCity is a large industrial site of a former sugar factory in the Amsterdam region. In SugarCity a combination of work and leisure functions are created. In the former silos office spaces with a unique lighting art are realised. These silos can be seen from afar and are a landmark. A casinos, an outlet centre, shops and office buildings are also developed. Our own SugarCity Events is the central venue for conferences leisure and exhibits for national and international clients. Heritage and monumental characteristics are being preserved while realising modern and future proof facilities.

Clearwaterparc in Overveen is an area development at a former water pumping and filtering facility. Together with national monumental buildings and nearby national parcs, the area is developed for private housing and several public functions. Preservation and development also go hand in hand in developing this area. The plan and structure of the old facility can still be recognised when the development is completed.

These examples are large and complex area developments in which we are experienced. Many stakeholders partners and interest groups are involved. These are also areas which were a known landmark in the past. With the new developments the areas will again be a landmark for the region in the future.